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6th December: Saturday, Feast of St. Nicholas. Birth of Prince Henry to King Henry V  and Queen Catherine (Valois) at Windsor Castle. Archbishop Chichele of Canterbury  performed his baptism. His godparents were his uncle John Duke of Bedford, his great-uncle Henry Beaufort Bishop of Winchester and Countess Jacqueline of Hainaut and Holland.


31st August: Death of King Henry V at Vincennes in France. With nine months of age Prince Henry became King of England and Lord of Ireland.

21st October: Henry's French grandfather, King Charles VI, died and the ten month old Henry was proclaimed King of France in accordance with the Treaty of Troyes.


17th November: The baby King having been brought from Windsor by Queen Catherine, entered London for the first time. Next day, Thursday 18th November, he was present for the first time in parliament, seated on his mother's lap, to receive a loyal address of welcome from the speaker of the commons.


21st February: Dame Alice Butler (Boteler) was appointed governess to the infant King.


30th October: Fracas on London Bridge. Open conflict between Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester and Bishop Henry Beaufort of Winchester.

November: Henry was admitted to the Order of the Garter.

20th December: John, Duke of Bedford returned to England to mediate between his brother Gloucester and their uncle of Winchester.


19th May: The duke of Bedford knighted the 4½ year old King Henry, who then himself knighted 34 others, including the 15 year old Richard, Duke of York.


1st June: Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick and Albemarle, was appointed King Henry's governor and tutor.


March: Joan of Arc appeared before the Dauphin.

8th May: Joan relieved Orléans and the English withdrew.

6th November: Henry was crowned King of England by Archbishop Henry Chichele of Canterbury.


23rd April: King Henry crossed over the Channel to Calais.

29th July: Henry entered the city of Rouen, where he remained for the following eighteen months.


30th May: Joan of Arc, condemned as a witch and a relapsed heretic, was burned at thestake in Old Market Place of Rouen.

2nd December: King Henry formally entered Paris.

16th December: Henry was crowned King of France by his great-uncle Cardinal Beaufort in Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.


14th February: Returned from France, young King Henry entered London to displays of public rejoicing.

14th November: Anne, Duchess of Bedford and sister of the duke of Burgundy, died in Paris, thus removing a close family tie with the Burgundian ally.

29th November: The earl of Warwick applied to the Council for support in chastising the young King, who “is grown in years in stature of his person and also in conceit and knowledge of his high and royal authority and estate” and for power to appoint and to remove persons “suspect of misgovernance and not behoveful nor expedient to be about the King”.


20th April: John, Duke of Bedford, married the 17 year old Jacquette of Luxemburg,who later became the mother of Elizabeth Woodville and the mother-in-law of the Yorkist usurper, Edward IV.

1st November: King Henry moved to the abbey of Bury St. Edmunds because of plague in London. He remained there until Easter the next year, becoming a “confrater” of the Benedictine abbey on Easter Tuesday.


31st May: The English delegates to the Council of Basel were instructed to help thedelegates from English-held France to gain admission to the church council.

12th November: The King's Council issued a rebuke to Henry for attempting to exercise his royal authority before he was mature enough to do so wisely.


8th August: The peace conference between England, France and Burgundy began at the town of Arras.

14th September: The King's uncle, John Duke of Bedford, Regent of France, died in Rouen.

21st September: Duke Philip of Burgundy concluded peace with Charles VII, recognising him as the King of France and thus abandoning the English alliance.


13th April: The fall of Paris to the forces of Charles VII.

8th May :Richard Duke of York was appointed Lieutenant General in France.

19th May: The earl of Warwick discharged of his duties as the King's governor and tutor.

August: King Henry attended the Council meetings more frequently in person and began to sign writs and warrants in his own right.


3rd January: The King's mother, Queen Catherine, died at Bermondsey Abbey.

16th July: The earl of Warwick was commissioned to relieve Richard of York as Lieutenant General in France.

12th November: Henry appointed the Privy Council anew, consisting of the councillors of his Minority Council with some additions. He had assumed direct personal rule.


30th April: Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, ex-governor and tutor to the King, died in Rouen, aged fifty-seven.