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Aims & Objects of this Site

It was my intention to establish this site in order to encourage the study of the life and times of King Henry the Sixth of England – the king of the Wars of the Roses – to collect all sorts of information concerning books and articles, portraits, historical sites, his religious cult, artefacts, in short anything connected with the King.

It is my intention to publish here historical articles both by myself and submissions from competent readers, disseminating information on the King to those interested, and perhaps provoking a much needed re-assessment of some popularly held misconceptions about King Henry VI and his reign.

(The articles found here are from my pen, unless otherwise designated.)

This is an attempt to take up the work of the former Henry VI Society in England that seems to have disappeared: an attempt at the rehabilitation of King Henry's reputation and a hope that some day an organisation like the defunct society will revive to carry on this important work.

K.R.J. Tattersall

Vienna, 2016.